Table Pyramid Calendars

Indicative price list

The following prices are indicative and refer to specific features and quantities based on the most common orders. For different characteristics or quantities, please indicate your interest by providing as much information as possible in order to receive an offer.

50 units 100 units 200 units 300 units 400 units 500 units 600 units 700 units 800 units 900 units 1000 units
HE2210-7 (one view)€145€155€220€285€350€410€460€510€560€605€645
HE2210-7b (two views)€160€175€255€330€405€480€550€620€690€750€790
HE2210-13 (one view)€155€175€260€340€415€485€540€600€660€740€795
HE2210-13 (two views)€175€205€310€410€505€590€670€750€820€860€895
HE1616-7 (one view)€145€155€220€285€350€410€460€510€560€605€645
HE1616-7 (two views)€160€175€255€330€405€480€550€620€690€750€790
HE1616-13 (one view)€155€175€260€340€415€485€540€600€660€740€795
HE1616-13 (two views)€175€205€310€410€505€590€670€750€820€860€895
HE1421-7 (one view)€175€195€275€355€430€500€560€620€680€730€780
HE1421-7 (two views)€200€220€305€395€490€580€650€715€780€840€895
HE1421-13 (one view)€200€220€305€395€490€580€650€715€780€840€895
HE1421-13 (two views)€250€280€390€495€595€695€785€860€930€990€1,050
HE2416-7 (one view)€175€195€280€360€440€510€570€635€695€750€795
HE2416-7 (two views)€200€220€305€400€495€590€665€730€795€860€915
HE2416-13 (one view)€200€220€305€400€495€590€665€730€795€860€915
HE2416-13 (two views)€250€285€395€505€610€715€810€885€955€1,020€1,090
HE1421-s52By Arrangement
HE1421-s13By Arrangement
HE2020By Arrangement

Prices do not include VAT or shipping.

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The table pyramid calendar is a famous option for customers, because of its small size and is an economical choice.

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